Invited industry and professional seminars 


This key note presentation was delivered at an Africa Asia Communication Forum seminar held in 2021 where I was an invited speaker on journalism ethics and science communication. I spoke about how the ethics of these two fields are sometimes in conflict with each other, and gave some recommendations to the audience of science communicators on pitfalls to look out for when using news media as a vehicle to communicate science. 

This key note presentation was delivered as part of a series of webinars run by the South African National Editors Forum on Media Ethics. I was invited to talk about the role of regulatory entities, like the press council, when it comes to fostering a climate of ethical and excellent journalism in the South African context. Specifically I spoke about the Press Council's responses and recommendations to the 2020 Inquiry into Media Ethics and Credibility report.

This key note presentation looks at the intersection between morality, ethics and law in relation to journalism in South Africa. It was delivered at a radio training day for the Khayelitsha-based radio station, Zibonele, in Xhosa and English. I also highlight the role of the regulatory bodies in the sector, and discuss laws around defamation and copyright and how the digital landscape has complicated these somewhat for media houses.