Teaching with technology

Presentations and awards on teaching with technology

Over the years I have been invited and have participated in CPUT conferences on teaching with technology, due to the innovative work I have been engaged with in this regard. 

2019 08 22 Programme final for printing final.pdf
Programme of 2018 Teaching with Technology Day where I presented on 4IR and its implications on journalism education

Use of Gaming to foster student engagement

As a means of ensuring engagement during lectures and even online, I use games like Kahoot to get students to engage in the lecture. This lets me see in real time whether students have understood the work and helps me focus on a particular aspect where the majority seem to not have understood.

Use of Linkedin Learning as a teaching resource

Another online teaching resource that I use is LinkedIn Learning. I use this course in two ways. Firstly I use it as a resource where students can get online material that to supplement the readings and lectures I provide them with. After going through a LinkedIn Learning course, I usually give them a tailor-made quiz on Blackboard to help them focus their learning on specific aspects that are in line with a particular module's objectives. Secondly the platform allows students who may be more advanced to find other resources that are not covered in class, but might be of interest to them, so that they too remain engaged in the course.

An example of a LinkedIn Learning Course that my students worked through
An example of how I drew on content from the LinkedIn Learning Course and created my own quiz on Blackboard so that I can assess specific aspects of learning

Courses and training workshop on teaching with technology

Since I started as an academic at CPUT, I have made it a point to attend training on how to use technology for teaching at least once a year. Most of the training has been through the institution's CIET unit, and therefore there are no certificates. Some of the sessions I have attended in this regard include: