Research narrative

Research philosophy

My research philosophy is grounded in three core principles:

Lifelong Learning: I perceive research as an ongoing voyage of discovery. While my primary focus resides within rhetoric and media studies, I actively embrace the opportunity to learn from various fields. This interdisciplinary approach enriches my comprehension and enables me to tackle intricate challenges comprehensively. Specialisation in communications enhances my ability to contribute effectively in collaborative endeavours.

Open and Inclusive Science: I am dedicated to making science accessible to all who can benefit from it. To achieve this, I publish in open-access platforms and freely share my work online. I also engage with a broader audience through popular media, transcending the confines of academia.

Research for Impact: I believe research should extend beyond the confines of academia and directly benefit society. Particularly, I recognise the importance of impactful research in the global south, where opportunities for research are often limited. Consequently, my work is motivated by a desire to create tangible societal improvements, rather than research for the sake of research.

These principles guide my research pursuits, fostering a holistic approach that seeks to address pressing challenges and drive positive change within our society.