Training and development


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (2019/2020)

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

This courses gives academics the knowledge and skills to pursue teaching and learning in a scholarly manner and make their work public.



Undertanding decoloniaity

Cape Higher Education Consortium

The Understanding Decoloniality course aims to bring together interested participants to co-create and develop an understanding of what it means to think, act and be, from a position of centredness and groundedness that is African. 

Co-creating curricula across difference

Cape Higher Education Consortium

This short course aims at exploring and facilitating ways to develop students and staff  capacity for cocreation of  curricula so that they can become comfortable with a dynamic, constantly changing and critical ‘living curriculum’. 

Learning Analytics

Cape Higher Education Consortium

The course provides participants with a platform to discuss Learning Analytics, as it should be targeted toward students, lecturers and institutional management. 

Flexible Learning Design

The Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) in Fundani Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED), together with the Centre for Innovative Educational Technology (CIET) 

This short course focused to a large extent on the development of Postgraduate Diploma programmes, which are new NQF level 8 HEQSF programmes at CPUT.  


TDP certificate.pdf

CPUT Teaching Development Programme

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

This is a year-long CPUT programme intended to assist new lecturers to develop their teaching, learning and assessment practices in higher education.