Student projects

My approach to assessments is largely based on the perspective of assessments as learning. This means that I firstly make sure that students clearly see how a particular assessment is a means of learning about journalism, and not just a task to complete. Secondly, I used project based learning, where the learning steps are scaffolded in order to guide them to an outcome that is a journalistic piece that they can be proud of. Thirdly I strongly encourage multilingualism in their assessments because, as my ongoing research in this respect has found, this fosters epistemic access. Fourthly, I employ group work for some tasks so that students develop the inter-personal skills needed to work in a news media context.



A documenary on life under lockdown produced by 3rd year student Ryan Cloete

A TV-production group assignment - putting together a TV news bulletin. Produced by 2nd year students Zethu Plati, Kelly Appolis, Maegan Leigh Jacobs, Sharidyn Rogers


 An ethnographic documentary on iintwasa produced by 3rd year student Anathi Mlonyeni.

An ethnographic documentary on of one family's journey to try and get back land that was taken from them under the apartheid forced removals. Produced by 3rd year student Ashley Roman.


A public service announcement on the importance of press freedom. Produced by 2nd year student Nabeelah Osman.

An audio-visual insert based on the 2018 mass march against gender based violence held in Cape Town. Produced by 2nd year students Nabeelah Osman, Unathi Makalima, Zolani Gwabeni and Amber Solomons.